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Build a Mechanical Arm with 3ds Max & Substance Painter

Learn to create a PBR-Ready Game Asset from start to finish!
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Create a proper low and high poly game asset
Learn to properly create textures and use baking techniques
Make an asset ready for games and film

In this course we will be looking on how to create a 3d asset from start to finish using 3ds Max. We will be focusing on creating an asset that is focused for games by using the correct texture and optimization techniques. We will be going over on how to create a proper high poly and low poly in 3ds Max and then on how to uv unwrap our low poly and prepare our scene for baking our normal and AO map.

We will then export everything out of 3ds Max and we will start by baking our texture maps using xNormal. We will then go over the best settings in xNormal to minimize any baking errors - and for the errors that are left, we will go over on how to solve those by hand. Once all our textures are baked, we will start by setting up our scene in Substance Painter and we will start texturing our model. In Substance Painter, we will go over on how to use materials, fill layers, generators, and other techniques to create the final texture for our asset. We will then go into Marmoset Toolbag where we will render our final model and create a nice beauty shot of the final asset.

More about the Instructor:

Emiel Sleegers is a self-taught 3d artist currently residing in the Netherlands. He's been teaching himself 3D art for the past 3-4 years, and has worked as a freelance artist on numerous unannounced projects. He's a lover of all things 3d and enjoys sharing the knowledge he has obtained with others eager to learn.

Build a Mechanical Arm with 3ds Max & Substance Painter
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