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3D Printing Through To Painting

Learn the process to go from filament to a display piece to get professional level final results
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3D printing
How to use slicer software
Post Processing
Tricks to quickly smooth 3D prints.
Where to find 3D models to print

3D printing can be an intimidating process, but once you've learned the basics its actually quite simple to get high quality results. This course will quickly get you through the learning curve, and I've included a professional 3D model to use along the way.

Having a high quality and exciting 3D model can help keep you motivated throughout the learning process, that's why I've included the Cthulhu bust that you see in the thumbnail image with this class. This model was specifically designed to be highly detailed but still simple to print for beginners. The model alone would cost more than the full price of this course.

I've done literally thousands of prints for everything from 1in prototypes to 12 foot tall displays (you read that right, 12 Feet). In this course I will help you avoid the trial and error I went through and benefit from the knowledge I gained through thousands of hours printing.

Other classes will stop at getting a simple print, but I will take you through the process of quickly smoothing and painting your print using tricks I've learned from my experience in the trade show industry to get you professional level final results.

I've been training people in various skills for over 9 years and I've used my teaching experience to make each lecture clear, concise, and highly informative.

3D Printing Through To Painting
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