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3D Printing: From Start to Finish

Create awesome 3D prints and finish them so they shine
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Choose the right FDM 3D printer for your needs
Understand how a FDM 3D printer works
Use "slicing" software to create great 3d Prints
Create great 3D prints
Finish and paint your 3D prints and make them look awesome
Resources to awesome free 3D files for your 3D printer

3D printing is magical! You take a file, or create your own, send it to your printer and after some time you have an actual solid object. It reminds me of something from the Jetsons. In this course you will learn all stages of 3D printing, from its history, ways to get the best print, using slicers and even finishing your prints. 

Yes, 3D printing is magical, but there is also a lot of technical parts to the process, and this course will help you navigate the challenges 3D printer enthusiasts encounter when they start out. This was a fun class to create and I hope you enjoy it and learn how to make great prints!

Thanks. :)

3D Printing: From Start to Finish
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