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3d modelling - a Modo modeling guide

Do you want to make your own 3d models in Modo? In this course you will learn to do so in just several hours!
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know the tools for creating 3d models in modo
know how snapping, falloffs, workplanes and action centers work
know the basic shortcuts for fast modeling
know how to navigate in modo and use layouts
create your own 3d artwork
export your artwork to Unity
create PBR materials in Modo
modify your textures in Gimp to use them in Unity
know how to UVmap
know how to do hard surface modeling
know how to use MeshFusion in Modo

3D art is getting a more prominent role in multimedia. It is used intensively in movies, video games, commercials, education and architecture. It is a multi billion market. With your talent you just might get through! Use this course as a step towards a 3D carrier. Learn the basics of Modo, a professional 3d content creation application and start to beat the competition.
You will just need a trial version of Modo, download Gimp and Unity for free and you need a PC or Mac to get started. Within several hours you will learn enough to make your own nice looking 3d models and export them to Unity. You will learn to navigate in the software, use all common tools and bring everything in action during your assignments.
This course has been made using Modo 902, 10.0v1 and 10.1. I now also added an introduction video using Modo 14. It shows you how to get to the buttons and menus available in older versions of Modo. So the course is still usefull in never Modo versions.

3d modelling - a Modo modeling guide
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