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3D Master, from zero to hero Vol.1: Zbrush Basics

You’ll learn the basic functions of Zbrush for you to start your career as a 3D character creator.
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You’ll understand all the needed stages for modeling a 3D character, regardless of the character complexity, you’ll understand what are the sculpting stages and how to improve your character step by step.
You’ll also learn about some tools and techniques for sculpting and most importantly you’ll know when to use them.

Basic sculpture course in Zbrush for beginners in Spanish

Hello, welcome to this intensive course for beginners from Zbrush. In this basic Zbrush course you will learn everything about the tool, of course as a tutorial for students who are starting in 3D modeling.

This course will allow you to explore the Zbrush software that you can download from its official website in its trial version for 45 days and then check the prices of Zbrush professional.

If you are one of the beginners in the 3D world, Zbrush will allow you a number of options and techniques to progress gradually and then you profile yourself towards that digital artist you want to be, for example, you can learn hard Surface modeling, organic modeling, hair creation, creation of creatures and characters with their anatomy and correct proportions, either for digital animation or video games, for collectibles and much more.

You've probably already heard that sculpting in Zbrush is like drawing in 3D, however it is not necessary to know how to draw beforehand, because with our Zbrush course you will learn everything you need, from anatomy for characters, to creating armor, scenarios, props, weapons, render and much more.

We know that on the internet you will find many Zbrush tutorials, but there is nothing better than a complete intensive Zbrush course, that's why we have created this one for you and the best thing is that it is a completely free Zbrush course, forever. A Zbrush Spanish course so you don't have to look elsewhere.

While this Zbrush course is complete, as a basic course, after this we have to offer you a complete series of which this is just the first volume, so, if you want to learn Zbrush, you have come to the right place, and your learning just begins, from the hand of industry experts, who will guide you through the entire process, to profile you as a professional digital artist or digital sculptor.

Although on the official Zbrush website you can download the version of Zbrush 2019, this contains the same tools that are explained in this course and we are sure that as more versions of the program come out this course will always be valid, even the knowledge acquired in this course will be largely cross-sectional to other disciplines and that's great.

Without further ado, I invite you and encourage you to start this course to begin this adventure together, I'm very happy that you found this course, I did my best to make it so and since you found it, you say - We started! - I wait inside, enter now that there is much to gain and nothing to lose.

3D Master, from zero to hero Vol.1: Zbrush Basics
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