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3D Lighting and Rendering with Maya and Arnold - Drone

Learn to create photorealistic hard-surface 3D art
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Hard-surface 3D Modeling in Maya to create cool sci-fi objects
Quickly UV Mapping in Maya in preparation for texture work
Texturing in Substance Painter with minimal to no hand painting
Navigate the quirks of shader setup for Arnold so that your textures show up correctly
Lighting and rendering with Arnold using AOV's to make compositing easier
Post-production in Photoshop where we take a CGI-looking image and give it a cinematic look

3D Lighting and Rendering - A Concise Guide to Creating Professional 3D Images in Maya and Arnold

Wondering what's missing in your 3D art or why it doesn't have that professional look you want? Need material to fill your art portfolio? Maybe you know the basics like where the buttons are, but no idea how to tie it all together into a beautiful 3D render. Look no further than this course. You'll be walked through every step from modeling, UV mapping, 3D texturing, shader setup, lighting, composition, rendering, and compositing.

I've been creating 3D artwork professionally for 7 years working in the video game industry. I started out unsure of my art pipeline, but now I have a fast and smooth workflow that makes high quality 3D art production incredibly easy and nearly effortless. With a combination of the right software, artistic mindset, and workflow, you too can achieve similar results to mine in a short amount of time. No need to labor over one piece of work for weeks on end or practice for many months. With my method, you can rapidly populate your art portfolio with top quality artwork that will grab any recruiters' attention.

Every step of the process of creating awesome, portfolio-worthy 3D artwork is illuminated in a highly condensed project-based course. No need to sit through hours and hours of dense course material. With this guide, you'll be on your way to awesome photorealistic 3D rendering in less than the span of time it takes to watch a movie. I'm very excited to teach you my lightning fast workflow and share my secret sauce with you!

Once you've complete the course you can expect to be able to:

  • Quickly model a sci-fi hard surface object in Maya

  • Efficiently unwrap and pack UV maps in Maya

  • Easily 3D texture an object with Substance Painter

  • Set up textures and shaders to work with the Arnold renderer

  • Recreate photo studio lighting for a portfolio-worthy render

  • Compose shots in a manner that best showcases the model

  • Render out passes needed for compositing and post-production

  • Add a cinematic flare to renders in Photoshop

This is your chance to upgrade your 3D rendering ability and boost the quality of your art for your portfolio, video game, or animation. Enroll in this course now and never look back!

This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

3D Lighting and Rendering with Maya and Arnold - Drone
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