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Create A 3D Game In Augmented Reality | Step-By-Step Videos

Bring the retro classic Duck Hunting game to life in Augmented Reality (AR). Learn key skills in Unity & Vuforia.
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Master Unity 3D mobile app development with augmented reality games for Android & IOS
Understand how to use the Vuforia AR package
Understand the basics of C# with my step by step instructions on screen
Increase your portfolio with an augmented reality game
How to animate 3D models
How to detect collisions
How to load resources, spawn items & randomise position / speed
How to export an Augmented Reality app to Android & IOS devices
Raycasting bullet impact (Firing items from the camera to hit 3D objects in the scene)
Particle systems to create a volcano eruption effect in the 3D world

AR Gaming has never been so much fun.  Learn how to create a retro remake of the classic duck hunting game in augmented reality for IOS & Android devices from the ground up.

This course provides you with the tools needed to break into Augmented Reality gaming (AR) in a fun way.  Using a hands on approach and step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to create an AR game from the ground up.

No experience in prior coding languages is necessary as I guide you through the basics, explaining the why as well as the how when building your game.

This is a very hands on learn by doing course.  I provide all assets which you can download via the course resources section.


  • Duck model

  • Audio sound files

  • Environmental assets via a download

  • Gun model

  • Graphics for the on screen display

I start with the absolute basics, how to setup Unity and Vuforia, how to import 3D models into unity and then make it all come together.

As we progress I explain how to use the Vuforia image targets how to build games in Unity 3D.  What better way to learn to code for augmented reality than creating an addictive classic game?

Unity is an ever evolving piece of software which I try to stay on top of, if something does differ slightly along the way just ask and I'll give you additional instruction.

Recent student feedback

"Fantastic course covering so many elements. Teaches you how to build an amazing AR experience from scratch through to completion. Thanks Diego, keep the courses coming!" - Karen Ackermann

"This is my second course on AR Vuforia with Diego Herrera, as usual Excellent course. Recommended." - Ghco

"Instructor had designed and works hard to make this course work even for beginners or first time users." - Sheetanshu Sheetanshu

To have Unity 3D and a few example applications on your job profile is an enormous advantage for someone looking to work in this field or improve an existing job position internally.  Linked In recently listed Unity developer as the 6th most posted job for companies in 2018-19.

This course is put together specifically for the beginner to intermediate gaming community.
(Advanced welcome although may wish to skip initial section one videos due to the topic being installation and understanding the Unity 3D workspace and C# basics).


I have over 16 years experience working in the digital field building 1000s of websites and various mobile apps.  I also have a teaching background and ensure you understand why we do things and the purpose of what each tool is for.

Please read the reviews from other course I teach and see what others think and with a 30 day no questions asked policy and lifetime access what do you have to lose?

Sign up now to get a head start on others and really strengthen your portfolio.

Create A 3D Game In Augmented Reality | Step-By-Step Videos
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