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3D Simulation: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Mechanism, PCB

Enter the world of 3D simulation and have fun learning and teaching Microcontroller Electronics, Mechanical and PCB
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Simulate and design 3D Electronic Circuits
Program 3D PIC microcontroller using Flow-charting
Simulate 3D PCB
Simulate 3D mechanisms
Simulate 3D Measurements

>>> 3D simulators nowadays are covering all aspects of the electronic design process, in 3D. In this course you will get the chance to explore the wonders of 3D simulation of a limitless range of circuit boards, a 2D circuit design tools, and also PIC microcontroller simulation, testing and programming. <<<

>>> Continues Updates <<<

More Than 2200 STUDENTS!!! THANK YOU!!!

What students are saying:

  • Iniyavel Sugumar says, "This course is very promising. THere's a lot I'm learning from Yenka and I hope this will give me the confidence to build my own circuits both at home and at work.  "

  • Ashley Reid says, "A very good intro to electronics mechanics & microcontrolers as well as using the software. Brilliant for testing & experimentation as the run through tutorials were paced at a good speed so gave you much time to try out each project or subject. Thank you again & well done, 10/10."

Welcome to this course.

You will get the chance to learn:

  • 3D Electronic simulation and design

  • PIC microcontroller programming

  • Flowcharting

  • 3D PCB simulation

  • 3D mechanisms

  • Measurement

What You Will learn in This Course

  • What is Crocodile Technology

  • Why it is helpful to simulate and design in 3D

  • Download and Install the Software

  • User Interface Introduction

  • Design and Simulate ON/OFF Switches Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Microcontroller Systems

  • Flowcharting.

  • Design and Simulate Simple Led On/Off Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Simple Led Flasher Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Simple 7 Segment Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Counter using 7 Segment Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Motors

This will be a journey of a life time for everyone looking for a new vision in Engineering Simulation, easy to use and really helpful software will be introduced.

3D Simulation: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Mechanism, PCB
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