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3D Asset Creation for Unity 2019 - Shipping Container

Using only Maya and Photoshop
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How to model a large 3D prop for a game environment using Maya
Texturing a 3D asset using only Photoshop for Unity's new HDRP pipeline
Use new Unity 2019 features like decal projectors and optimize the asset to be game ready

Learn how to build the shipping container, a typical background prop for a game within a modern setting. Author the asset with Maya and Photoshop and set it up to run optimally in Unity. We will cover 3D modeling, UV mapping, texturing, setting up materials and decals, and taking steps to optimize the asset for production.

Requirements: Access to Maya, Photoshop, and a copy of Unity 2019 along with basic working knowledge of each program.

Optional: Access to Quixel Suite 2.3 / NDO

What you'll get out of this course:

- A rundown on a fast 3D art pipeline for a modern graphics game

- Knowledge of how to prioritize polygonal detail for any given asset

- Quick, effective layering techniques using photo images for texture work

- How to make use of Unity 2019's new graphical features

- The ability to generate your own assets in a streamlined manner

If you've felt frustrated by your game art assets lacking that professional look, or by the slow pace of your output, this course will boost not only the quality of your 3D art but also the speed at which you produce them.

Maybe you've got dozens of assets to chew through and not enough time to high poly model, bake down, and 3D paint each one of them.

This course will reveal an efficient art pipeline that is perfect for dealing with a high volume of non-hero background props.

3D Asset Creation for Unity 2019 - Shipping Container
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