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3D Animation: Basics To Full Body and Creature Mechanics

Learn to animate a ball bounce, bounce with a tail, standard walk and a zombie crawl! After, get a personal critique!
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Understand the 12 Principles of Animation
You will be able to animate a ball bounce
You will understand overlap of a tail bouncing with the ball
You will know the exact steps to creating a walk cycle
Become a skilled animator to create an infected zombie crawl

HI! Welcome to the course; 3D Animation: Basics To Full Body and Creature Mechanics! My name is Charlie Grubel and I am a freelance studio animator, instructor, game developer and 3D Artist. I have been animating for years and now I get to share my knowledge with you! When you become a student you will get a personal critique of your work! So send in your animation you learned from my class and receive as much help as you need. In here I will demo all 12 principles of animation, a ball bounce, overlap with a tail, a full body character walk cycle and a zombie crawl! You can watch my entire animation process, from blocking to polishing. There are hours of work here and you get to animate right alongside me. So join the course and learn what the pros had to learn. Hope to see you there!

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Malcom- AnimSchool

Zombie Spitter- World Zombination

The links to download Maya (or your choice of 3D software) and 3D models are below;



3D Animation: Basics To Full Body and Creature Mechanics
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