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380 English Phrasal Verbs with 750+ definitions!

Learn how to speak casual English like a native speaker!
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Phrasal verbs in English

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This phrasal verb course is 100% content with no wasted time. If you are a beginner or intermediate English learner, this course will help you understand how native English speakers talk in everyday situations!

In this course I will go through 380 different phrasal verbs and their definitions. An average phrasal verb has two different definitions. Some phrasal verbs have six or more definitions! The content in this course covers all of the definitions of each phrasal verb, so this course will help increase the size of your vocabulary by a lot!

For Example: Aim At
The phrasal verb "aim at" has at least three definitions.

  1. To point a weapon at someone or something.

    Example: At the shooting range, we learned how to aim at the target.

  2. To intend to achieve.

    Example: Manchester United are aiming to win the league this year.

  3. To create content for a specific demographic (group of people).

    Example: I wish I could find an interesting series aimed at someone like me.

These three definitions are a little bit similar, but are used in completely different situations! This course has 380 phrasal verbs, over 750 definitions, and two examples for each definition!

Many of my students have told me that my neutral American accent is very easy to understand. You will get a lot of listening practice while you also are increasing the size of your vocabulary.

About Your Teacher:
My name is Kellen! I have been a successful teacher online in Thailand since 2014 and I am a Thai language learner myself! (ถ้าคุณเป็นคนไทย สวัสดีครับ!) Since I have learned a second language as an adult, I understand the difficulties that students go through when trying to learn English. Even if you do not purchase this course, you can follow me on Facebook by searching for Eat Guava with Kellen James or on Instagram @ginkellen!

380 English Phrasal Verbs with 750+ definitions!
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