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The Essentials of 35mm Film Photography

Master 35mm cameras, film developing and imaging
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You will master the use of 35mm film cameras.
You will know how develop 35mm film, producing negatives.
You will know how to photograph 35mm negatives to produce positive images in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Do you love photography? Are you interested in expanding your knowledge and skill by diving into the world of film photography but don’t know were to start? This course may be for you. 

Nothing is assumed in this class. If you’re an experienced digital photographer there are of course similarities, but there are a lot of things that feel really foreign too. After this course and some practice, they will feel like second nature to you.

My name is Jeff Stefan and I’m a professional photographer and I’ve been shooting for almost 40 years. I started learning photography with a 35mm film camera. From 35mm I moved up to 120 or medium format cameras. I shoot in digitally in my day to day work but I’ve never strayed away from film and I always still shoot with film. 

So what will you learn in this class? At the end of this course you will:

- Know how to use 35mm film cameras

- Know what film to use in different shooting situations

- You will know how to measure light for proper exposure using a camera’s light metering system

- You will know how to measure light using hand held light meters

- You will know how to use filters and what their effect is on film

- You will learn how to compose shots for effective black and white images

- You will learn what developing chemicals to use and how to develop 35mm negatives

- You will know how to photograph negatives with a digital camera in preparation for processing positive images

- And finally you’ll learn the processes that I use in Lightroom and Photoshop to create my final images

The Essentials of 35mm Film Photography
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