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35 Lightroom Presets - That Will Transform Your Fall Photos

Includes 35 Lightroom presets to transform your photos into stunning Fall photos. Bonus video tutorials too!
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Download 35 Fall Lightroom presets for free
Transform your Fall colors from bland to dynamic
Apply presets during import
Understand why some Develop presets may not work on your photos (and how to fix)
Apply a watermark to your photos during export
Streamline your workflow by using 4 important types of presets
Create a copyright preset and add during import

Includes 35 Fall Lightroom presets - a $39 value!  

Welcome to my Fall Lightroom Classic CC presets course.  In addition to the 35 Lightroom presets, you'll receive with this course, you'll also gain some valuable knowledge on all kinds of presets that are available to you in Lightroom.

In the beginning, we'll lay the groundwork about Lightroom presets.  This will open the door to many more types of Lightroom presets.  Then, I'll share with you the ugly truth about Lightroom Develop presets.  

Have you ever downloaded free presets or purchased premium presets, applied to your photos and thought - "these presets suck!"?  Well, you'll discover why those presets are not working for you and you'll have a better understanding of the limitations of Develop presets.  

In this course, you'll also discover 4 of my favorite types of Lightroom presets...

  • Copyright Presets

  • Presets for Export

  • Watermark Presets

  • Lens Correction Presets

I'll even show you how to add 2 of them during import.  This is a huge time saver!

Finally, I'll share with you some tips for organizing your new 35 presets and how to use them properly.  You'll learn how to use and adjust Graduated filters, Radial filters and much more.

Includes 35 Fall Lightroom presets - a $39 value!  

35 Lightroom Presets - That Will Transform Your Fall Photos
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