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35 Learning Methods: New Education Science

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Nowadays schools are intensively introducing active teaching methods. Teachers put a lot of efforts into the class preparation; classes are active, funny, and interesting. But does it solve teaching problems? When you come to a café, you order a cup of coffee and pay for it. If a waitress does not bring you a coffee, but dances and sings for you instead, will you still pay for a coffee? Of course, no. Sometimes it happens that the teaching process (as a process of coffee making) at school is funny, interesting, and entertaining, but students do not show progress. If a student gets a C or D on the test or assignment, you can compare his/her grade to an empty cup of coffee. You cannot demand things from a teacher that he/she does not know. The majority of teachers never learned teaching methods at any college or university. Thus, you cannot blame or criticize them. A teacher should be willing to learn new teaching methods that would help him/her achieve better results.

This is a course about:

1. learning “here and now”;

2. learning for one time;

3. and teaching students how to get an A during a class.

There are currently over 140 different teaching methods available.

This course is just the first step in revealing all the methods of learning.

35 Learning Methods: New Education Science
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