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31 Day Guitar Challenge

Learn how to play guitar solos in one month! (Beginner Guitar Course)
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Learn a handful of basic chords that will help you learn hundreds of songs in the future!
Understand basic music theory and how to start learning the fretboard patterns.
Play your own unique guitar solos and add some character with unique tips and tricks from this course.
Find the path to create your own style of music, while learning how to play other popular songs.

Welcome to the 31 Day Guitar Challenge! I created this course because I want to give away everything that I learned to other new guitarists. I will show you the path to take to overcome any challenge or obstacle that may come your way. When I first picked up my guitar, I wished I had someone that could point me in the right direction when I felt stuck and wasn't improving like I wanted to. I will show you basic chords, techniques, songs, and scales to grasp the basic concept, but I want you to use my successes and failures to help you grow exceptionally fast while learning to play the guitar.

Please follow all the directions in the introduction video and you will do GREAT. If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out to me. I love seeing new people learn how to play the guitar and made this course for that very reason.

When taking this course, watch (1) video per day and play the guitar (2) times per day. I know this may seem like a lot, but your success and progress will grow exponentially if you do so. If you try to play multiple videos in one day, you will easily get burned out within a couple weeks. So plan to set aside time to play twice a day. Remember, this course is only one month long. It will take dedication, but you can do it and it WILL be worth it in the end.

Good luck and happy playing!


31 Day Guitar Challenge
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