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30 min Yoga, Meditation & Stress Management sessions

Yoga for everyone!
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Learn yoga postures and exercises, as well as stress management techniques for wellbeing, health and inner peace.
Learn simple calming breathing practices, relaxation and meditation for all ages and abilities.
Learn Chair Yoga to practice at home or work: 5-30 min classes
Learn from Stacie Dooreck, author of SunLight Chair Yoga books, SunLight Chair Yoga teacher trainer and Stress Management Specialist for the Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program in N. CA.
Enjoy 30 min full Yoga and Chair Yoga classes (featured on Cable TV!)
Learn Sun Salutations standing and also using a chair and wall
Learn simple mediation techniques for stress management, clarity and to calm the nerves and mind.
Enjoy 30 minute yoga, Chair Yoga Guided Relaxation sessions
Enjoy 30 minute guided yogic relaxation sessions to restore and relax the body and mind.

Enjoy Yoga at home, work or while traveling. And also learn Chair Yoga that uses the  support of a chair (seated or standing). This course offer 7 hours of online yoga instruction, including 16 minute lecture on yoga philosophy, 4 Yoga classes, 30 min each, a 30 minute guided meditation, 4 Chair Yoga 30 minute classes and a 30 minute guided relaxation. This course includes three 30 min Chair Yoga & yoga classes featured on Cable TV. Also, 3 additional 5-10 minute 'Office Yoga" videos are included to enjoy short practices at your desk, as well as a video on pranayama, yogic breathing techniques and a 20 minute Gentle Yoga video with reflections on ahimsa. Learn the tools to enjoy the benefits of yoga and stress management at all ages and stages of life. Yoga is for everyone!

What is Yoga class like?

Classes with Stacie include: centering, warm-ups, yoga postures, concentration & breathing exercises, guided relaxation & meditation

What are the benefits?

  • Flexibility and strength

  • Energy & clarity

  • Overall well-being

  • Inner peace

Who can participate? 

  • Everyone! 

  • Those with chronic illness, pre and post surgery or with injuries can skip or modify poses, or enjoy Chair Yoga and Gentle Yoga

​What do you wear?

Anything you want!

  • Comfortable clothes are preferable.

  • Practice with shoes, socks, or bare-feet.

Taught by Stacie Dooreck:

  • Author of SunLight Chair Yoga and Yoga for everyone! books

  • Certified Sivananda Yoga instructor since 1995

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga and Gentle Integral Yoga instructor

  • Stress Management Specialist for Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program

  • Bay Area Office Yoga Instructor

30 min Yoga, Meditation & Stress Management sessions
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