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308 - Inerrancy vs. Contradictions

Does the Bible Have Errors and Can They be Resolved?
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Understand the definition of inerrancy
Gain Insight Into Some Apparent Contradictions in the Bible
Understand How to Best Resolve Biblical Contradictions

This is the eighth class in the Bible: Myth or Fact series. In this lesson we will thoroughly explore the inerrancy of the Bible. Does the Bible contain errors? What does inerrancy mean? Can any apparent errors found in the Bible be resolved? These are all serious questions that demand answers. In this lesson we will cover many important topics including:

  • What is inerrancy and how does it apply to the bible?
  • What are some commonly pointed out errors in the Bible
  • What are some common assumptions people make about the Bible
  • Can all the apparent inconsistencies in the Bible really be resolved?

In this lesson, we provide you with reasonable answers to all these important questions. We hope you will gain the insight you need to determine for yourself whether the Bible can be trusted.

308  -  Inerrancy vs. Contradictions
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