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The 30/60/90 Health Course

How I Lost 60 Pounds in 60 Days
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How to Control Appetite and Eating Habits
How to Reverse/Manage Heart Disease (T2D, HBP, etc..)
How to Reverse/Manage Autoimmune Diseases
How to Meal Plan
Vegan Nutrition
How to Go Vegan

In this course I share my story and everything I've learned (and studied extensively) on my health journey to losing 90 pounds (65 pounds in 60+ days), lowering my blood pressure over 50 points with no medication, and reversing my pre-diabetic state. 

it's not just about the proper foods to eat, but it's learning exactly how unhealthy conditions came to be in the first place.

You will learn how we became programmed to fuel these unhealthy conditions, so we can understand exactly what we need to do to actually reprogram ourselves to do what is healthy by default.

The key to success isn't necessarily discipline or willpower (well it is willpower but we learn how to actually have unlimited willpower in the course!) but it's about programming yourself to have healthy habits NATURALLY!

No fighting urges or cravings!

The 30/60/90 Health Course
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