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302 - Canon and Authorship of the Bible

Who Wrote the Bible and How was it Compiled
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Understand How the Canon of the Bible was formed
Study the History of the Authorship of the Bible
Determine Whether the Bible is Trustworthy or Faulty

This second lesson in the Bible Myth or Fact series covers the important issue of the Canon and Authorship of the Bible. This is an important issue when it comes to determining the trustworthiness of the Bible. Many believe the Bible was written and compiled by men who were prone to errors and had ulterior motives. We will be taking a serious look at this claim and compare it to the claims of the Bible which states the Bible was written by God through men without errors and preserved throughout time. We will explore and answer many important questions including:

  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • Is it without error?
  • What is the Canon?
  • How was it formed?

We invite you to explore all these questions with us and examine the evidence for yourself. We hope that you will gain a better knowledge of what the Bible is and whether you can find it to be trustworthy.

302  -  Canon and Authorship of the Bible
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