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30 tools and advices to reach AWAKENING & HARMONY

How to raise your vibrations : 30 operational daily tools and very useful practical advices
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30 different operational daily tools to raise their vibrations in order to reach an eternal awakening

Hello every body (and every soul),

In view of this exceptional and anxiety-provoking situation that is destroying the planet, I would like to share with you a video made on the theme "30 keys to open up the door of Awakening & Harmony-How to raise your vibrations?".

The objective is twofold, it is to strengthen our immune system and thus be less vulnerable to this present and real threat. Indeed, the somatic dimension is extremely important to boost your immune system!

Secondly, its vocation is, in absolute terms, to reach HARMONY and also to aspire to an eternal AWAKENING with 30 advice which is simple and operational for your daily life. These tools are supposed to be clearly explained, to put in practice immediately and change your life straight away.

This awakening should occur at any level, at any scale, necessary for the future, in order to individually and collectively build a new paradigm, an era in which humans and nature take precedence over profit and then proximity, kindness, tolerance sew up the global worldwide social fabric...

Everyone needs everyone, but as Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in this world". Consequently, the work begins with oneself, working on one’s vibrations, possibly cleaning and shaping one’s philosopher's stone and then reaching out and going forward without resentment but to resend a new momentum of hope with balm at the heart...

NB: In addition to that, as a kind of bonus and for free, I share with you my YouTube channel

Just type “Aurelien Millot Master Key(s)” you will find it. It is for opening your mind, discovering new perspectives of life in general for those who are on a certain quest for the meaning of life… If I detail a bit, in all humility, it tries to raise many existential questions: the meaning of life, happiness, the power of the present moment, Epicureanism, the Hereafter, energy, space-time, consciousness, the multiverse, reincarnation, spirituality in general, to modestly help to give keys for people to open themselves embodying their own master key, find themselves their own voice and access to fulfillment. This is like everything I do, trying to build up a momentum of lucidity, optimism, and pragmatism...

Wishing you an amazing inner/outer eternal journey!

With Light & Love

Issa ~ AM (Aurélien Millot)

30 tools and advices to reach AWAKENING & HARMONY
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