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30 Days To Tidy Up Your Place

Declutter, keep your place in order, and feel good about receiving visitors at any time.
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Decluttering, organization, tidying and keeping your things in order.
You will get at least 3 compliments from visitors for how neat your home is.
Create the home you have always wanted.
You will regularly be surprised by how tidy your place looks when you enter it.

For 30 days you will get a concrete task that you will carry out for creating a tidier and more organized living space - the living space, you have always wanted.

I often hear people say 'It's especially important for me that I don't have to invest too much time in cleaning up. It's something that I want to do on the side.'

And that is exactly what you will achieve in the next few days: permanent tidiness without spending hours on it.

You will get a specific tidying task every day. The task will be small enough to be carried out even on a very busy day. That way you can try out many different tidying techniques. Afterwards you can decide for yourself which ones you want to continue with.

The daily tasks alternate between one-time decluttering tasks, and tasks that show you how to keep things in order without having to invest additional time.

I tested the project 30 Days To Tidy Up Your Place with a group of 37 people. The results were very positive all the way, even with people who had already read a few guidebooks on decluttering and tidiness. The test persons also reported later how happy they were about receiving numerous compliments from visitors about their tidy house or apartment. Even half a year after finishing the 30 Days, they managed to keep their homes in order.

30 Days To Tidy Up Your Place
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