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30 Days to Decluttered Bliss: How to Declutter Your World

Unpacking the secrets of living a life of less
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You will have clean and organized closets, who doesn't want that?
With the bonuses contained within, you will reach decluttered bliss in no time
More than just clear physical space, having less grants you peace of mind
Your priorities will become clear, giving you a better understanding of what you value
A kitchen that's easier to keep clean
A home that is so easy to organize a caveman could do it
Clearly defined actionable steps after each day will give you quick wins and start your journey to decluttered bliss
A good tax write off for the more you giveaway!
More time to do the stuff you want to do

Looking for an easy way to downsize?

Want to find a simple process for getting rid of excess “stuff?”

Tired of losing things amidst the chaos of a closet full of junk?

It’s time for you to take the 30 Day to Decluttered Bliss Challenge!  We broke this course into 5 sections which will turn your home from chaotic mess to pristine beauty in no time.

If I've learned anything from moving 5 times in the last 4 years, is that it's good to have less. I set up our new apartment in under 4 hours the last time we moved. YES, completely unpacked in 4 hours.

How did I do it? I’'ve learned the hard way that while parting with items isn't easy, it's essential to live out our best and most time efficient life.

I've turned my expertise into an easy to follow 30 day course. Each week we will tackle new decluttering strategies perfect for the beginner who feels overwhelmed by the junk in the trunk:

Week 1: Bye-bye messy old pile of clothes! This week you will learn how to downsize your wardrobe. I promise you won’t even shed a tear. Well, not too many… This is a course about decluttering after all! If I can get rid of dresses and spend 6 months not buying anything new, you can do it too!

Week 2: Nobody really needs 15 towels. If we are honest, 13 pots and pans of all different sizes aren’t necessary, nor we need 30 pillow cases. This week the focus will be on how to identify and downsize essential household items.

Week 3: If you have lots of extra books, electronic gadgets, and hoozy-whats-its, then you are like most people. We all have too many of those items we don’t even know what to do with. This varies from coin collections, to model cars, to having way too many Lego sets. Hobbies are great, but taking stock of what you still need compared to what your current interests are is very important.

Week 4: That old bear your mom got you when you were two… Old yearbooks and letters from past boyfriends or girlfriends, boxes of unorganized photos, you name it, we have it. Discover the tactics associated with parting with sentimental stuff that is weighing you down.

Week 5: The close: We do a complete wrap up of what you learned the past 4 weeks. From doing a complete walk-through of your home, to giving up that old bicycle you used to love, we will go the extra mile here and finish strong.

This course will teach you day by day how to know when it’s okay to give something up vs. holding onto it. In 30 days, you will become the master of your house and your stuff once and for all.

If you have ever wanted a more clean and comfortable home, along with a fresh perspective on stuff, this is the course for you.

Join me in decluttered bliss.

30 Days to Decluttered Bliss: How to Declutter Your World
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