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30 Days to conquer Anxiety through physical well-being

Balancing the body, mind and soul to combat stress through yoga, meditation and yoga aerobics.
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Stress Management strategies, yoga, meditation, Chi Kung and healthy lifestyle practices
Weight management through stress management

This is an overall healthy lifestyle plan that aims to reduce stress and build up confidence over the period of 30 days.

This course is for you if you suffer from

- Anxiety

- Constant Fear

- Insomnia

- Gain more energy

- Manage your weight

- Feel in control of your life. 

As a professional within the line of Autism, I have helped adults with High Functioning Autism or Asperger's Syndrome conquer their anxieties, as people on the spectrum suffer severe anxiety.

The course will cover all forms of natural  (Holistic) exercises that, unlike some gym workouts or running, will not cause problems to the joints in later years. 

These exercises are

  1. Yoga.  Kundalini being the base that most yoga sessions are built on.

  2. Chi Kung

  3. Meditation

    There are so effective and can be done at any level.  Holistic exercises on this course will not only give you a great workout.  It will also enhance the connection between your mind, body and spirituality (a fancy way of saying, inner wisdom or sub-conscious mind) 

Lifestyle and food plan suggestions are included to follow for best results. 

Please note that there is a 30 Day Money Back guarantee - So if you're not happy within 30 Days, you get a full refund.

So, let's get you enrolled and started NOW!! I am so excited for you!!  You are about to have a life changing experience.

So looking forward to meeting you on the other side.  

Namaste, Katrina Zawawi

30 Days to conquer Anxiety through physical well-being
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