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Yoga At Home - Flexibility, Fitness, Strength & Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss : Yoga Workout at Home : Yoga for Fitness Strength & Flexibility : Yoga for Losing Weight & Health
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30 lessons (1 per day) featuring transformative yoga teachings and workouts at home
30 hours of yoga video routines & sequences for strength and flexibility
10 healthy meal recipes to supplement Tristan’s yoga fitness training
10 weight loss secrets to help you tone and get in shape (Tristan lost 25 lbs following this routine)
3 bonus Yoga workouts

Lose fat, gain muscle, and jumpstart your life on all levels in just one month with Tristan Cox

This fun and simple yoga routine and life methodology is taught by Tristan Cox, an experienced Certified Yoga Teacher, and an expert in combining yoga with diet & healthy living.

This online yoga course is designed to teach you a 30-day routine that you can follow throughout your life to reduce fat, gain muscle, and kickstart healthier habits. His methodology of teaching shows you how effective yoga can be for your mind, body, and soul. Simply follow his guidance by taking one step at a time for 30 days. After you're done you'll feel transformed, energized, and ready to jumpstart a new chapter in your life.

Complete all 30 days and you’ll receive a certificate. This is more than just a piece of paper. It is proof of the commitment you made to yourself for a better life.

Three new bonus workouts have just been added for the 30 day program! It will help you shake things up, and give you an option that you can use anytime, during or after the 30 days.

The Four Pillars of the Yoga At Home program are:

Yoga strength

Gain muscle and improve strength through the ancient technique of yoga. Get yoga strong, fast.

Yoga flexibility

Stretching the body can relieve pain. Increase your flexibility through yoga with these at home workouts. Go on, touch your toes.

Yoga weight loss

Yes, you can lose weight through yoga. Improve body awareness through yoga and watch the weight melt away. Try and see the results for yourself.

Yoga fitness

Fitness is the ability to move your body freely, with zero pain. These at home yoga workouts will improve your mobility. It's as simple as doing yoga at home for better health.

What is the Yoga Diet?

Included in the Yoga At Home program is a curated collection of recipes straight from exotic India. These yoga for weight loss recipes provide nourishment without extra calories.

Get the strength you need for doing yoga at home. Eat healthy, delicious food tested and trusted by yogis for thousands of years. You can wait for the science to catch up or you can eat what yogis have eaten for eons.

Dieting is complicated.

Don't diet.

Just eat like a yogi.

Tristan will show you how.

What is Tristan’s Health Philosophy?

Transformation happens in many ways: in the way you treat your body through exercise and diet, in the quality of your relationship with yourself and others, and the quality of the choices you make.

Tristan provides not just yoga, but also a way to stay fit. Yoga is a multifaceted practice that helps you lead a healthier, happier, more empowered life. This is Tristan’s Health Philosophy.

Who is Tristan?

Tristan is a yogi. He founded Shanti Yoga School India where he trains future teachers how to help people through yoga fitness. Join him on Om Beach to see what the magic of India and yoga is all about.

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Yoga At Home - Flexibility, Fitness, Strength & Weight Loss
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