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30 Day Extreme Keto Challenge: Ketogenic Diet Made Easy!

Increase Energy, Curb Cravings Get Healthy & Lose Weight So You Can Look & Feel More Confident In Your Own Body
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Students Will Have The Necessary Tools To Implement The Ketogenic Diet For Fast Weight Loss
Students Will Increase Energy, Lose Fat And Get Healthy

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a (not-so-new) diet craze that’s winning the world over. It’s called the Ketogenic Diet.

While it’s recently experienced renewed interest and an explosive rebirth, it’s been in practice for nearly a century. Scratch that, it’s likely been in practice for thousands of years.

The ketogenic diet is the hottest diet of 2018 because it helps you quickly lose stubborn fat… it reduces fat storing inflammation… it helps you live longer and avoid today’s most deadly diseases.

Today’s  most innovative doctors are also using the ketogenic diet  to eliminate deadly belly fat, shrink cancer tumors, and cure epilepsy in children...

It’s growing so fast that even senior citizens are using it to fight disease and rapidly burn belly flab in just 21 days... So what exactly  is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a very-low-carbohydrate, high-fat, adequate-protein dietary approach.

In fact, it is more commonly referred to as a very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet (VLCKD).

In the absence of carbs, the body is forced to shift into a full-fledged fat-burning mode.

Traditionally, ketogenic diets are:

  • Very high in fat (~70 – 80% of calories)

  • Very low in carbohydrate (~5% of calories or ≤ 30 grams per day)

  • Adequate in protein (~ 15 – 20% of calories)

The ketogenic diet switches your body’s fuel source from carbs (glucose) to fats.

By restricting carbohydrates from your diet, over time your body will begin producing KETONES for energy INSTEAD of glucose from carbs.

This is known as a state of KETOSIS.

By reducing the amount of carbohydrates, your body’s blood sugar levels will be low enough to promote the release of  fatty acids from your fat stores.

Ketones are produced when those fatty acids are broken down by your liver through a process called Ketogenesis.

These Ketones then replace glucose as your body’s energy source.

The keto diet also helps you wean off of the dopamine addiction that comes from spiking blood-sugar, and has been  shown to raise good cholesterol (HDL), lower bad cholesterol (LDL), and  lower triglycerides in overweight people.

What many people find helpful on the ketogenic diet is that hunger pangs goes way down and therefor making it easier to  consume less calories.

Without constant insulin spikes, for example, your body can more easily take advantage of leptin induced satiety.

Here are some things you’ll experience when doing the ketogenic diet:

  • Increased Mental Clarity. Due to the fact that Keto calls for the reduction of any sugars and processed carbs, being in Ketosis gives you a significant boost in mental clarity

  • More Energy. Studies have shown that ketones are a more efficient fuel source than glucose, providing more energy per unit of oxygen.

  • Better Sleep. The lowering of blood sugar levels as a result of eating Keto has been shown to greatly increase the quality of your sleep

  • Clearer Skin. The keto diet has a high level of fat and helps improve dry and irritated skin, keeping inflammation to a minimum

  • Lower Cholesterol. One of the many awesome benefits of Keto is its effect on cholesterol levels.

  • Shed STUBBORN Body Weight. If you’re looking to shed excess body fat and lean down FAST, then Keto is exactly what you need.

  • Cancer Prevention. Studies consistently show that through the restriction of sugar and reducing of inflammation, the ketogenic diet weakens cancer cells, thereby decreasing risk of cancer!

  • Reduced Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. Thanks to the steady blood sugar levels resulting from the Keto diet, many people with type 2 diabetes experience relief from typical symptoms of the condition!

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