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3-Step Stress Management for Parents

Designed for parents raising children with autism, ADD, ADHD, high sensitivities, complex and special needs.
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Strategies to decrease stress and mindfully approach common parenting challenges.

Did you know, 70% of the time, most people are living in a state of survival, not well-being.

Parents raising children with autism, ADD, ADHD, high sensitivities, complex and special needs are often working hard to keep up with everything required of us. We are more prone to experiencing moderate to extreme levels of stress. Unmanaged stress can impact so many areas of our lives, including our physical and mental health, relationships, and how we perform everyday tasks. My desire is to  help parents the way I needed help.

This free short course will give you strategies you can easily implement today to begin mindfully shifting from stress-inducing habits to stress-reducing habits. Changes do not occur without action. Take this knowledge and put it into action. Have fun with it!

Who is the course for

  • All parents, but the material and examples address specific needs and challenges parents of special needs encounter.

  • Open-minded people desiring to learn new ways of approaching life

What you will learn

  • Tips that take less than 3 minutes to implement

  • How to shift from stress promoting thinking to stress reduction thinking

  • Useful tips that you can start using right away

  • Tips that can specifically support you as a parent raising a child with special needs.

3-Step Stress Management for Parents
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