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3 simple steps to solve a 2*2 Rubik's cube!

Learn how to solve a 2*2 Rubiks Cube. Learn the steps & algorithms from how to videos and a downloadable algorithm image
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A 2*2 rubik's Cube

This course is for anyone who has been curious about the Rubik's cube. I have done my best to make this course detailed and descriptive that will teach you how to solve a 2*2 Rubik's cube in 3 simple steps. There are a total of 6 videos in this tutorial of which 3 videos are of the introduction and a guide to practicing the algorithms that will be used in each of the 3 steps and the other 3 videos are of the steps. The first step will teach you how to solve the first side (I have used the while side as my first side) and the 1st layer. The second step will guide you in solving the opposite side (yellow side which is opposite to the white side in my case) and the 3rd step will show you how to completely assemble your 2*2 rubiks’s cube by solving the second layer i.e layer no 2. Each step is explained in depth in which I have covered different methods and algorithms to solve both layers of a 2*2 rubik's cube. The instructions are simple to follow and easy to understand if you are a beginner and want to learn.

3 simple steps to solve a 2*2 Rubik's cube!
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