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Fluent German: Perfect Tense | Interactive Course (A1-A2)

Bite-sized lessons to learn and practice how to talk about events in the past - with more than 30 interactive videos!
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Talking in German about events in the past

Are you confused by German grammar? Frustrated at not having enough opportunities to speak German? Feeling alone in your attempts to master the German language? Then this course is for you!

Many of my students are complaining that although they might understand a certain grammatical concept and can even correctly solve written grammar exercises when they have time to think, they find it difficult to apply the structures and rules when they are speaking. The key here is practice. However, that is what many learners are missing, especially when they do not live in a country where the target language is spoken or they do not have regular contact with speakers of the target language.

A word about fluency

Have you observed that certain sentences that you have repeated several times when speaking have become almost automatic – meaning, you don’t really have to think about rules anymore when formulating them? This automaticity allows you to process information quickly and accurately, which in turn will help with fluency. Basically, the more often an activity is done, the more automatic it becomes. What does that mean for language learning? It means that extended practice under increasingly challenging conditions will develop automaticity and thus improve your fluency.

The interactive lessons in this course are similar to activities I do with my students in-class or online to help improve their fluency and become more confident speakers.

What will you achieve?

In this course, you will learn how to talk about events in the past. The course is designed to give you as many opportunities to speak as possible.

The video lessons are all shorter than 5 minutes and will take you through the rules step by step. After each stage, there are several interactive lessons that give you the opportunity to speak. This method will help you to memorize the different forms and use them in common everyday sentences. It will increase your fluency and also improve your pronunciation.

You will learn:

  • the perfect tense of regular verbs

  • the perfect tense of irregular verbs

  • the perfect tense of verbs with prefixes

  • the perfect tense with “sein”

  • the past tense of some common verbs

  • past time expressions

  • important word order rules

This course consists of:

  • 11 explanation videos

  • 33 interactive videos

  • quizzes

  • downloadable PDFs with transcripts and translations

By the end of this course, you will have learned, practiced, and revised more than 90 of the most common verbs in German and their perfect tense forms, and you can use them in everyday sentences. You will also have revised plenty of other useful words. You will have learned and practiced important sentence structure and word order rules. Your fluency will have improved and you will be more confident when speaking about events in the past.

Who is this course for?

1. You have a basic knowledge of German and want to progress to the next level by learning how to express ideas that relate to the past. In this course, you will not only learn the necessary rules in bitesize chunks but more importantly, the activities will help you internalize the different forms and apply them when speaking.

2. You have been taught the perfect tense but you struggle with applying the correct forms and rules when having real-life conversations. This course gives you the chance to improve your fluency by taking you step-by-step through the different stages.

3. You studied German some time ago and want to get back into it but don’t fancy starting from the very beginning. With this course, you will quickly revise basic vocabulary and important grammatical structures whilst having the opportunity to speak in the comfort of your home.

Learning Tips

1. When doing the interactive lessons, try and speak aloud as much as possible. It will help you to better memorize the words, increase your fluency, and improve your pronunciation.

2. Repeat lessons as often as you think is necessary before continuing to the next step. That way you will benefit more from the steps that follow.

3. When you feel comfortable with doing the interactive lessons, try doing them without looking at the screen. This is more challenging but will take you even further to achieving fluency in real-life situations.

I look forward to welcoming you to this course.


Fluent German: Perfect Tense | Interactive Course (A1-A2)
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