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3 Hour FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test Prep for Drone Pilots

Save time, skip fluff & learn the important stuff.
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FAA Part 107 Regulations
How the National Airspace System (NAS) works
How to apply for airspace authorizations
All other test topics included in the FAA P107 exam
How to pass the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam quickly!
How to fly small unmanned aircraft legally & safely throughout the NAS

Knock out your studying for the FAA Part 107 exam with 3 hours of useful and relevant content brought to you by a Certified Flight Instructor who has real world manned aviation, BVLOS and Part 107 experience. This course was designed to minimize fluff material and maximize focus on the important things you really need to learn not only to pass your exam, but to also help you understand how to safely and legally operate small unmanned aircraft in the real world as well.

3 Hour FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test Prep for Drone Pilots
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