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How to Develop Your Own Author Style

Stop letting words use you. Master your narration and become a writing style expert.
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take control of your writing style and give readers a stronger, more compelling story

Many successful authors are known for their unique or compelling "style."

But what is style, and how can you develop yours?

Writing style can seem mysterious. Is it about personality? Is it about unique creativity? Is it self expression? Is it manipulation? 

Do authors choose their style, or does it develop naturally?

In this course I will dispel the mystery, and you will learn how to choose and apply style.

Build your writing style on solid creative and technical foundations

... through three critical relationships

  • your relationship with language
  • your relationship with words
  • your style choices

Through both lectures and exercises, I'll show you how style is about informed choice; and you'll learn what you need to begin developing your style, and making choices that will both serve your story and please your readers, and make your work instantly recognizable.

Course Content

Over an hour of lectures, with exercises that are a lot more than just repetitive practice. Each lecture is a lesson in style development, and each exercise will change the way you think about creative writing, and develop the cognitive tools you use to turn your story ideas into actual narration.

Each lecture comes with a handout to download, with either factual information, useful links, or additional commentary on some of the ideas and techniques, as well as the exercise instructions written in full.

How to Develop Your Own Author Style
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