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How to improve My quality of Sleep - the TCM ways

Learnt how using TCM acupressure massage techniques, medicated diet and simple lifestyle changes to a good night sleep!
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Understand the reasons behind insomnia
Learn the ways from the TCM perspective in improving the quality of sleep
Communicate directly with Dr Clement Ng in the journey toward a good night sleep and health betterment


Having trouble falling asleep?

Are you looking for some natural methods and recipes to help in your problems?

Do you often listen to friends saying certain drugs or Dietotherapy method is especially effective? But when you apply the techniques you've worked so hard to find for yourself, the effect is not as good and sometimes it may even have undesirable side effects!

To be able to fall asleep and able to sleep through the night has been a wish for many of us. Insomnia is a symptom of many underlying illnesses as well as conditions which many times presented without any known cause has helped to fund a billion dollars supplement market.

In this course, Dr Clement Ng will share with you the reasons which may be keeping you awake and share with you easy to learnt Acupressure Massage techniques and use of simple TCM herb to help ease you into sleep.

The prevention and principles to a good night sleep will be discussed

I look forward to helping you in getting a good night sleep.

Looking forward to seeing you in the student's area and to engage you on ways to improve your sleep.

Sweet Dreams and sleep tight!

Dr Clement Ng

How to improve My quality of Sleep - the TCM ways
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