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3 Day Yoga Challenge

An invitation to discover the intentional design of yoga
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The 3-day Yoga Challenge is an invitation to discover the intentional design of yoga
A way of shaping your energy to lead you into effective meditation

The 3-day Yoga Challenge is an invitation to discover the intentional design of yoga: a way of shaping our energy to lead us into effective meditation. Yoga is a service to your body, breath and mind. For three days, we look at some of the fundamental postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) that can lead us into stillness (meditation). Each practice includes a technique introduction to become more familiar with the main poses in vinyasa flows and Hatha yoga. Each day, we will look at different aspects of the physical part of our yoga practice: sun salutation A, sun salutation B, and Hatha yoga. This is aimed to guide you along in your deeper exploration of the complete practice with the body, breath and mind.

Whitney’s yogic path first began when she took her first class at around 20 years old. Throughout the exciting chaos of being an international traveller in her 20s, she kept coming back to a grounding yoga practice through various styles and countries. As an independent individual from California, she has lived in various countries all over the world teaching English as a second language to adults and has found education to be an immense passion and service to others. Her meditation practice began while living in Japan and this is when her devotion really started to bloom. Amidst her travels, her second visit to India brought her into her first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training; since then she has become a 500-hour Register Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance studying various yogic styles (Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, etc.). Additionally, she is on the way to completing a Certification IV in Yoga Teacher (800-hours) in Melbourne, Australia where she also teaches at various studios. She also currently studies and practices Tantric Hatha, pranayama, and mantra under master teachers while also creating content for new yoga teachers and their use of language. Whitney’s passion behind teaching is simply to spread invaluable knowledge in an approachable manner to all.

“There is divinity within each of us, and I’d like to help ignite and fuel the conversation for each of us to get closer to tapping into it.”

3 Day Yoga Challenge
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