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Mastering 2D Vectors for Unity Game Development

With code examples in C#
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Draw vectors
Understand how to interpret components
Understand the meaning of vector magnitudes
Understand the concept of a force
Understand the concept of dot product
Write code to express vector concepts in C# in Unity
Understand the concept of global coordinates
Understand the concept of local coordinates

Vectors are an extremely important aspect of game programming. In this course, you're introduced to vectors in two dimensions to make the process of learning as simple as possible. The lessons are animated presentations, with several summary code lessons. The course covers the fundamentals of vectors though a variety of illustrations, and through direct applications to Unity game programming.  Though the concepts are introduced in two dimensions, many of the concepts carry over to three dimensions. The code examples shown are in C#. This course will be useful to game programmers, but also to people who are interested in science in general because vectors are a general scientific concept. Let's get exploring!

Mastering 2D Vectors for Unity Game Development
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