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SolidWorks Basics

Learn How To Draw a 2D Sketch with SolidWorks
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Student can easily draw any types of 2D drawing , Relation that is necessary for the create any model with lots of practice.

You can create drawing geometry using 2D sketched geometry only, without reference to existing models or assemblies. This sketched geometry can be controlled by relations (collinear, parallel, tangent, and so on), as well as parametric dimensions. Sketching in SOLIDWORKS is the basis for creating features. Features are the basis for creating parts, which can be put together into assemblies. Sketch entities can also be added to drawings. You can create features without adding dimensions to sketches. However, it is good practice to dimension sketches. You can trim sketch entities, including infinite lines, and extend sketch entities (lines, centerlines, and arcs) to meet other entities. You can draft in 2D in SOLIDWORKS drawing documents using Sketch tools, Dimension tools, and Annotations. In SOLIDWORKS, drawing views can be at any scale (2:1, 1:2, for example) in relation to the model. in this course I will practice any type of 2d drawing. join this course fast. The drawings here are intended to be used as practice material and to help you apply CAD tools to some real-life drawings. There is no denying the fact that practicing is the best way to learn any new skill and the more you practice more likely you are to retain that information

SolidWorks Basics
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