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2D Physics in computer games

Learn how to make 2D games using Godot physics for 2D bodies [ Mastering Godot book tutorials]
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By attending this course you will learn a lot about 2D solid-state physics using Godot game engine.

Making a 2D game is one of the rare opportunities for individuals and small development teams. There are different types of 2D games, and one of the possibilities is that your game has elements of 2D game physics. For something like that you need to know 2D game bodies and 2D game physics. We will use the free Godot game engine for an explanation.

In course beginning you will learn about 2D node, StaicBody2D, CollisionShape2D and RigidBody2D. After, you will have opportunity to learn about 2DBody's methods and interactions.

When you learn about KinematicBody2D and interaction, you will start to learn through creating a 2D computer game.

This course is part of a group of courses that promote the book "Mastering Godot".

2D Physics in computer games
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