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How to Design A 2D Character in Illustrator

Design a 2D Character in Adobe Illustrator if you don't have any experience in character design .
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Knowing process of 2d character design .
Creating almost any type of 2D Character in Adobe Illustrator .

Creating Character either 2D or 3D is a tough and hard process but designing fancy characters with low details are a little bit simple in any graphic software.

The first process of every character design is to sketch out what you going to design then according to that sketch we have to complete our character design by adding different visual elements to different parts of our character .

This course is for people who don't have any experience in 2D Character design and they don't know how to start design a character and how to visualize different elements of a character .

In this courses we will design a a simple 2D Character with mid level of detail according to low res sketch in Adobe illustrator we will start designing from scratch and according to our sketch we will add different body and face elements and after finishing the design process we will talk about exporting tips from illustrator and we will take this character to after effect to create a simple rigging system using puppet tools . 

Feature of this class :

1- Easy to follow .

2- Project oriented .

3- Project file .

Do not wait lets get started ;)

How to Design A 2D Character in Illustrator
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