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2D Animations with Javascript and the Anime.js Library

Create beautiful animations for your web-app or site.
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How to create beautiful animations.
How to move, rotate, scale html elements.
How to create scripts of animations.

Animations are welcome guests in our applications. They are fun, entertain and visually aesthetic to look at. They make applications more accessible and eye catching.

The traditional method of creating animation is using timers, clocks and frames, and projecting images in constant time intervals. However, if all you want to do is add some movement to your site, this method may be overkill.

This is where Anime.js steps in. Anime.js is a light-weight Javascript library that aims to do just that - to create beautiful animations with ease and minimum code.

With Anime.js you can animate anything on the screen - html elements, dom attributes, svg graphics, just about anything.

In this course you will learn about Anime.js library. I'll show you this library's essentials and a lot of code examples. There are six projects in this course, that will keep you busy and help you practice this library.

If you want to add animations to your site and didn't know how to do it - welcome, this course is perfect for you!

2D Animations with Javascript and the Anime.js Library
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