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The 27 Day Wellness Challenge for Improved Wellness

Your 27 tips to helping you on your journey to better wellness and fitness. This is focused on your goals and results
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Daily tips to help with health and wellness
Specific ideas for how to implement these tips
Potentially a more healthy and fit person
Mistakes wellness and fitness professional has seen with 20,000 training sessions

This course is focused on making a transformation with a habit plan.  Each day you will learn one new habit that can help you on your journey to better health, wellness and fitness.  The tips will be short to the point and focused on the little changes that could possibly have a major outcome.  Here is a sample of what you will get

  • 27 separate habits to be used each day
  • Lessons from an industry veteran as a wellness and fitness coach
  • Ideas that you might have not considered in the past
  • Ways to potentially maximize your results
  • Possibly increase your energy and health
  • A program to help with habit change 
  • Some of the best tips that have had an impact with others after 12 years of helping people lose weight, improve health, and develop long term changes 

You only get one chance on this journey.  It is my hope and desire you will make it one with maximal energy, wellness, and vitality.  Do it for yourself, your family, and for your greatness.  

The 27 Day Wellness Challenge for Improved Wellness
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