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How to pay for college: Organization for scholarship success

Without a 4.0 and 0 sports skills I paid for my education thanks to scholarships and grants and you can too! Learn how!
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Organize their scholarship applications and materials for effeciency
Understand the best practices in asking for letters of reccomendation
Create a properly formatted student resume
Be ready for the interview process
Create a detailed list of activities and involvement.
Understand the proper follow up required when scholarships are awarded

I won $25,000 to pay for my college education thanks to scholarships and grants and I want you to be successful too! You can learn my tips and tricks to get organized and maximize the number of scholarships for which you apply and the quality of those applications.

Maximize Your College Scholarship Potential!

  • Learn Professionalism - get a leg up on your peers
  • Learn Organization - my tricks for easy access to everything you need
  • Learn to Search for Scholarships - where will you have the best luck
  • Learn Interviewing - what to wear, say and do
  • Learn Follow up - how to actually get the money you earn

Scholarships can make your college dreams possible!

Don't let the cost of a college education scare you away and don't get burdened with student loan debt. Scholarships can help bring those costs WAY down and make your education attainable.

This course is a series of video lectures where I share my personal story and teach you step by step how to get organized. This is a video version of a workshop I have been teaching for nearly 10 years. My past participants have found success and you can too!

One of my best students earned herself $71,500 in scholarships and grants using the tools and skills learned in my workshops.

If you or someone in your family is getting ready to apply for scholarships, take this course now to maximize your experience.

This course also incudes the following FREE resources:

  • my 15 page printable workbook
  • list of the top scholarship search sites
  • dress for success tips
  • a sample resume
  • and much MORE!

This course has a 30 day money back guarantee.

So why wait? Try it today and see what your results could be! Will you be my next top student?

How to pay for college: Organization for scholarship success
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