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25 Software Design Patterns in 25 minutes

Master Design Patterns to Improve Your Code!
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Students will learn about 25 different software design patterns, including all 23 Gang of Four (GoF) patterns.
6 Creation Patterns
8 Structural Patterns
11 Behavioral Patterns

Software Design Patterns are patterns that are emerged over time as Software Languages and Computers evolved from the 1950s.  As languages and programming paradigms changed, ideas like Object Orientated Programming came around.  In the 1990s, they started to be documented, and the original 23 patterns are referred to as the Gang of Four (GoF) patterns.  Design Patterns have proven to improve codebase maintainability, readability, and usability.  There is tremendous benefit from knowing the patterns, and they show up in all industries that utilize custom Software Engineering practices.  They are used in Web Technologies, Backend Systems, Mobile Apps, Data Science, and every other discipline that needs software. 

Enter 25 Design Patterns in 25 Minutes. Each pattern will be covered by taking it from concept to implementation in 60 seconds. 

It is dense, it is focused, and it is designed for learning.

In this course, all 23 Gang of Four (GoF) Patterns are covered, and Dependency Injection and Real-time Performance.

It is broken down into 3 categories:

Creation Patterns:

  1. Builder

  2. Factory

  3. Prototype

  4. Singleton

  5. Abstract Factory

  6. Dependency Injection

Structural Patterns:

  1. Proxy

  2. Decorator

  3. Adapter

  4. Facade

  5. Bridge

  6. Composite

  7. Flyweight

  8. Real-time Performance

Behavioral Patterns:

  1. Chain of Responsibility

  2. Command

  3. Mediator

  4. Memento

  5. Observer

  6. Strategy

  7. Template Method

  8. Visitor

  9. Iterator

  10. Interpreter

  11. State

All code is presented in C#.

Each pattern comes with 100% code covered unit tests with source code, a UML diagram, and a 1-minute video explaining the concept.

Additional Resources and information is provided about each pattern.

Take your skills to the next level by mastering Software Design Patterns.

25 Software Design Patterns in 25 minutes
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