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25 Questions To Ask When You Write Your Novel

A NY Times Bestselling Author Helps You Focus on Plot, Character, and World Building
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Write or revise a novel with a strong focus and a marketing angle that will sell
Gain a greater understanding on how character, plot, and world develop story
Shape ideas into key plot points in the drafting stage
Revise a story so that it will sell
Develop characters that people want to read about
Create plots twists no reader will see coming
Gain a greater understanding of what makes book sell in today's market
Get published!

Do you want to take your writing to the next level? 

This course is designed to guide you in consciously developing strong characters, less predictable plots, and vivid worlds for your story. Whether you are starting with an idea you want to turn into a finish novel, or a novel you want to revise to perfection, Beth Revis asks the key questions you need to consider to hone your work into a manuscript that will sell. 

Beth has experience in both teaching and publishing, and this course is the perfect blend of both. With real examples and experience backing up each lecture, by the end of the course you will have a clear direction for your work, and a completed journal full of insight into your fictional world. 

A free digital copy of the Paper Hearts Journal is included with this course. This journal is a part of the popular Paper Hearts series by NY Times bestselling author Beth Revis. Each lecture is paired with journal entries for students to complete, broken into sections directly from the Paper Hearts Journal. If you would prefer to use a print journal for the course, they are readily available at any book retailer. 

All story is made of plot, characters, and world--but only you can add the heart and make it your own.

25 Questions To Ask When You Write Your Novel
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