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24 Form Tai Chi - Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

24式 吴氏 太极拳
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24 form tai chi chuan

The 24-form Tai Chi is created by Tai Chi masters by selecting the most important 24 different postures.

It is a simplified form of Tai Chi and very easy to learn and practise. These days it become a popular trend, more and more people world wide start to learn this 24 forms.

This class is created by The great Master Zong Weijie.

She is

- China's national champion of Tai Chi for 6 consecutive years,
- 2015 World Champion in Tai Chi of World Kung Fu Championships
- The only successor of Wu-style Tai Chi of the fifth generation
- Currently work at Beijing Sport University as a professor
- Martial Arts Level 7 master

She has a lot of experience in coaching and she will be teaching you with her unique and comprehensive techniques.

This class is created by Beijing Sport University with Master Zong Weijie.

It will teach you the 24-form Tai Chi step by step. Demonstrates each postures and identify common mistakes. That allows you to become a master in Tai Chi too.

The copyright is reserved by Beijing Sport University. Published by Precise Agency at Udemy.

The class has been broken into 24 sessions, each session is about 5-10 mins.

1. Commencing Form ,Qi shi

2. Part the Wild Horse's Mane on Both Side , Zuo you ye ma fen zong

3. White Crane Spreads its Wings, Bai he liang chi

4. Brush Knee and Twist Step on Both Side, Zuo you lou qi ao bu

5. Play Pipa, Shou hui pipa

6. Repulse Monkey, Dao juan hong

7. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (Left), Zuo lan que wei

8. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (Right), You lan que wei

9. Single Whip, Dan bian

10. Wave Hands Like Clouds, Yun shou

11. Single Whip, Dan bian

12. High Pat on Horse, Gao tan ma

13. Kick with Right Heel, You deng jiao

14. Strike Ears with Fists, Shuan feng guan er

15. Kick with Left Heel, Zhuan shen zuo deng jiao

16. Snake Creeps Down (Left), Zuo xia du li shi

17. Snake Creeps Down (Right), You xia du li shi

18. Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle, Zuo you chuan suo

19. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea, Hai di zhen

20. Flash the Arm, Shan tong bi

21. Turn, Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch, Zhuan shen ban lan chui

22. Apparent Close Up, Ru feng si bi

23. Cross Hands, Shi zi shou

24. Closing Form, Shou shi

25. All 24-Form Full Video

24 Form Tai Chi - Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan
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