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37 Hacks to Sleep Faster Tonight-Sleep faster longer better

Join 2000+ students in this course if you're actively looking for practical and easy ways to sleep faster and better!
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How to fall asleep fast and mantain good sleep every single night without the need of sleep pills or medications (100% natural)
How to implement good sleep habits and stick with them for a great sleep hygiene
How to use simple relaxation techniques to calm your mind and fall asleep quickly

If you want to find practical and easy ways to sleep faster, this course is for you!

Through these 21 sleep hacks you'll learn all the techniques required for you to succed with your sleep!

These techniques have helped me reach complete relaxation at night before my races and I wish it can also impact your life in a positive way.

I believe sleep is the foundation of health and happiness eventhough we(and me incuded) oftentimes forget about this.

Let me help you get yourself from zero to hero in Sleep Hacking!

What we're going to cover in the course:

  • Hack #1: Comprehending the valueof sleep

  • Hack #2: Get the right magnesium intake

  • Hack #3: Practice a speech before going to bed (to make you feel more tired)

  • Hack #4: Breathing Meditation

  • Hack #5: PMR = Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Hack #6: Optimal bedroom tempeature

  • Hack #7: Reading benefits on sleep

  • Hack #8: Saying goodbye to television

  • Hack #9: Jet lag mastery

  • Hack #10: Caffeine curfew

  • Hack #11: Alcohol curfew

  • Hack #12: Nicotine curfew

  • Hack #13: Screens curfew

  • Hack #14: Liquids curfew

  • Hack #15: Bed for sleep and sex only

  • Hack #16: Black out noise

  • Hack #17: Black out light

  • Hack #18: Warm baths

  • Hack #19: Massages

  • Hack #20: Back roll & stretching

  • Hack #21: Sex and solo

If you're still reading I wanted to tell you this: I'm not a sleep scientist nor a sleep doctor and if you feel that I should have a medical or science degree to teach you this, than listen to what I'm about to say. I used to be a really really bad sleeper when I was little and that was effecting my life in many many aspects: in terms of relationship, sport performance, emotional balance and mental wellbeing. I've noticed an unbelievable shift in my persona to the better and I can't quite seem to recognise the Alessio of the past. All of this was thanks to the desire I had to change things for the better and started researching and studying every book I got my hands on, and now I feel so greatful and blessed for that choice since I'm now helping thousands and thousands of students becoming the better version of themselves by developing an amazing sleep.

37 Hacks to Sleep Faster Tonight-Sleep faster longer better
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