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2021 Step By Step Email Marketing for Beginners

In these lectures you will learn the basics of email marketing. Where to start, What you need, and How to do it.
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Entry level email marketing
Entry Level List Building
Get more revenue from you email list
How to use a autoresponder
How to make money sending emails
How to make money with affiliate marketing and emails
How to increase your open rate
How to optimize a lead capture page
How to create a lead magnet

This is a series of lectures for complete beginners to "Email Marketing". If you are wanting to start a business or you already have a business and want to start using email marketing then this is the information you have been looking for. We will take you through the basics step by step from start to finish. So don't worry ! You can do this !

This is what we will cover in this course:

  • List Building Terms - What does that mean ?

  • Optin Pages - What should they look like ?

  • Lead Magnets - What should I use for one ?

  • Sending strategies: The Basics - What are the 4 Elements to a marketing email ?

  • Sending strategies: The Copy - What should I write in my emails ?

  • Sending strategies: Subject Lines - What makes a Great subject line ?

This is a course for the complete beginner. The only thing you need to know is how to watch the videos and download the handy lecture notes.

We look forward to you starting this today. Do not delay the time is now ! We are doing everything online, work, school, shopping. Take advantage on this major shift in how we do things today.

Hurry and sign up now as we plan on charging for this lecture series in the near future.

2021 Step By Step Email Marketing for Beginners
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