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Scrum Guide v2020 - PSM I certification Practice Tests

Pass your PSM I exam in short time, High Quality Practice Questions + Detailed Explanations!
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Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I)

Welcome! We are here to help you PASS the NEWEST Professional Scrum Master™ level I (PSM I) certification exam. It is created in accordance to the Scrum Guide v2020.


Please note that Scrum (.) org is a protected brand, and these practice exams are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum (.) org.


Preparing for PSM I Exam can be overwhelming and time consuming. It can lead you become confused due to the overload of Scrum information over internet. Take our carefully crafted 240 questions, 3 Practice Tests in total to help you pass your exam easily. Each of our practice tests focuses on all aspects from Scrum history, Scrum Definition, Scrum Theory and Scrum Values; and moving to deep dive into the 3 Scrum roles (Scrum Team), the 5 Scrum Events and the 3 Scrum Artifacts. Our questions comes with detailed explanations, which is a great preparation for you to gain confidence before taking the real exam.

Worry not, this course is a 30-Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee! More questions will be added as well!!!

Tips for passing PSM I:

PSM I exam is online-based, you have 60 minutes to attempt 80 questions. You need at least 68 correct answers to pass the exam. To avoid getting panic during and before exam, we highly encourage you to be familiarized and gain full understanding with Scrum framework, as time is very limited. Lack of preparation can lead candidates leaving some questions unanswered. Some candidates may face unforeseen internet connection issues, so please spend extra 15 minutes before the real exam, to set up your laptop / pc, and check your internet connection working properly before started.

Attempt all our questions repeatedly, until you managed to get full marks, and without memorizing the answers. Try to understand our given explanations. Feel free to make use of Q&A section if any doubts, our responsive team will assist you! Also, don’t hesitate to message us privately if you ever want to get in touch with us.

We invite you to join us in this course if you want to pass Professional Scrum Master™ level I (PSM I) certification exam. Your success is our mission!

Scrum Guide v2020 - PSM I certification Practice Tests
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