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2021 Intention Setting Workshop, Q1

Use your body's natural circadian rhythms to manifest your dreams into reality!
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How to set open-ended & directed intentions in a dynamic, fun & super creative way that flows with your life.
How to use the natural circadian rhythms of the Seasons, our bodies and life to accomplish goals via intention.
How to relax into the idea and thus power of Death - i.e. rest, relaxation and plain ol' laziness - to create an abundant life using your dreams as a directional guidepost.

New Year's Resolutions are so ol' school. Intention Setting is the wave of the future!
Note: This was created for 2020 - but it is the same workshop for Q1 for every year.  Enjoy!

In this one-of-a-kind dynamic, fun & super creative workshop you will learn:

  • Why New Year's Resolutions are the thing of the past

  • How to manifest your dreams into reality using the power of intention setting via the natural circadian rhythms of the Seasons, your body and life in this.

Why Setting Direction is Important
Without having conscious intentions in your life of where you would like to head ~ it is like playing a ball game without any idea of the direction you are going towards scoring a goal, basket or run. You will be "spinning your wheels" - i.e. energy, time, money ==> your resources - in a constant state of chaos and/or catch-up.

Survival vs. Thriving

Life happens to you (Weak Victim) instead of Making Life Happen (Powerful Creator).

You are definitely moving somewhere in life. Yet without goals you are at the mercy of the waves of Life tossing you around and could be spending needless energy on staying afloat vs. sailing towards your Paradise Island.

Setting intentions on where we want to head with our life allows us to harness our energy/time/resources and direct it in a more conscious direction. Just like a bit of prudent financial planning, setting intentions helps us harness our resources for the things we truly desire in this life - instead of spending our resources haphazardly and not having it to create the life we imagine we could have.

Speaking The Language of the Universe: What the Ol' School Way is Missing
The stats on New Year's Resolutions are dismal: about 60-65% of us set them, with only about 8% of us being successful in carrying our resolutions out to completion. Most NY's Resolutions are broken by Jan 12th!

When it comes to setting life goals of any kind, the stats fall even more: only 17% of us have any goals for our life in our conscious mind. AND ONLY 3% of those that have goals actually write these down. While the 14% of us that have conscious goals are 10 times more successful than the 83% who don't have any conscious goals - the 3% that write them down are 3 times more successful than the 14% - or 30% more successful than the 83%.

So why are the stats so low for both setting & maintaining NY's Resolutions and goals?

Because, up until now, goal & resolution setting have been taught in a logical, rational, linear process that stays mostly in the head vs. speaking the Language of the Universe & Body: Emotions - i.e. energy in motion.

It is our creative, sensual body - i.e. Body Language - that speaks the Language of the Universe; and thus is what we need to engage in the process. Not only will our intentions pack more power if we engage the entire Body in this process, it also creates some SERIOUS FUN along the way when we get our entire embodied soul in on the creative process.

More than this, when we move into intention setting through our Bodies  - we synch up with the Energy of the planet and Universe.  We find a more gentle, compassionate and realistic pace that isn't linear - but an ever expanding spiral of circular rhythms that include death and life.  Rest and Active.  Letting go, seeding and cultivating.

But don't take my word for it. I dare you to take this course and decide for yourself!

How This Workshop is Designed Differently
This workshop is designed to be "eaten" in bite sized bits. Take 1 Module at a time. Lazy spaciousness with deep relaxation is welcome. No “powering through” this workshop. Come in, slow down, sit back and relax into this creative “Pregnant Void” that Winter naturally creates for us.

By following this method of Intention Setting, you allow your mind to slow down, your body to open up and the creative process to unfold. When you embody the FEELING of your dreams - you harness the energy of the Universe, of God, of Source into a direction that manifests the 4 & 5D worlds into the physically tangible 3D world.

Furthermore, when we harness the natural circadian rhythms of the Seasons all of life is subject to on our planet - we allow for times of laziness to be part of our process.  Knowing that in the "Darkness" of Winter, Death is a powerful agent of change that creates more Life.

What is more is this workshop demonstrates how to Chunk the Process of Moving Towards Your Intentions Down, taking into account the science of how much the brain (and body!) can actually bite off at one time.  This allows you even better energy management, helps you experience you CAN ACCOMPLISH your intentions AND is here for you to come back to each time you are ready for a new batch of intentions. 

Are you ready to learn how to set your goals in a whole new way - in a way that not only allows for but encourages times of laziness?  In a way that allows for you to ebb and flow with the flow of life, flowing downstream instead of fighting your way upstream?

If so, click that "Buy" button now and invest your energy in a whole new direction, in an entire new way for this new decade!

2021 Intention Setting Workshop, Q1
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