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2020 MATLAB Bootcamp: MATLAB coding, Algorithms, & Simulink

2020 MATLAB Master kit: A Deep Insight in MATLAB Programming, Algorithm, and MATLAB Simulink, and scientific computing.
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MATLAB Programming Algorithms: Simulation, Functions, Structures, and Control Statements through MATLAB M files
Graphical User Interfacing and Visuallization of Data in MATLAB Environment
Mathematical operations of Vectors and Matrix through MATLAB Syntax
Engineering and Technical Projects of MATLAB/Simulink
You will Get a Foundation for Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Deep Neural Networks with MATLAB

MATLAB Master Kit: Go deep in MATLAB Programming, Algorithms, Logics, and Simulink Programming to get A+ grade in Image Processing, and Signal Processing, from the Campus.

MATLAB is the Matrix Laboratory, an essential tool for engineering and scientific research. MATLAB Programming skill is crucial to be a good researcher in the field of Image processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, and Control Systems. Both undergraduate, postgraduate students of science and engineering can benefit from this MATLAB Bootcamp.

The course content is for every level, and we don’t expect any prior knowledge about MATLAB. Enrolled student will get knowledge from zero to hero level, after the completion. Here we have provided an intro to what we include here:

1 – Welcome to MATLAB

In this section we provided detailed introduction to the MATLAB basic features such as Workspace, Current directory, Command Window, Script, Built-in Apps, and MATLAB Help section. The variable declaration, initialization, and its data types have been explained. Moreover, Matrices, Arrays and objects have also been introduced in this section of the course.

2 – Basic Programming

In the second section we have briefly described about the Logical Expression, Conditional statements, Loops, and Objects. The MATLAB Trouble-Shooting methods with debugging is explained with the demo. The data type error and dimensionality mismatching problems have been resolved.

3 – MATLAB indexing

In this section the MATLAB indexing such as search by index, colon operator effectives, cells, tables, and reshaping of the Matrix is explained with their live demo on MATLAB.

3 – MATLAB Graphs

In this section, both discrete and continuous graphs have been plotted. Moreover, the complete settings of the plot’s line width, marker type, font size, title, legends, and colors have been explained in detail. The plot rendering for resolution enhancement, and figures size have been covered for creation of high quality 600 dpi plots for research papers.

4 – MATLAB Image/Video processing

In this section, image processing operation such as image read/write, rgb to gray scale conversion, image enhancements, filtering, edge detection, and morphological operation on image have been covered.


The complete details of GUI through built-in Guide app have been covered and the some basic GUI has been created in the demo section. The user input, push buttons, slider, axis, and functions have been explained in this session.

MATLAB Programming skills you will get at the completion:

1. Knowledge about arithmetic and trigonometric expressions.

2. Plots of Continues and discrete graphs though MATLAB

3. About MATLAB Script, M-File, Objects and Structures

4. Manipulate Images and Videos

5. The GUI for Various Projects

Our upcomming series will be about Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The Deep insight to AlexNet, GoogleNet, VGG, InceptionV3, ResNet, and many Handcrafter feature extraction and classification will be provided.

Good Luck and stay tuned to our MATLAB programming Academy.


The methods of code debugging and troubleshooting have been shown to the students.

Dr. Fawad Khan

2020 MATLAB Bootcamp: MATLAB coding,  Algorithms, & Simulink
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