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2021 Ultimate Drawing Course. From Zero to Hero in Drawing

Learn to draw like a Professional, start from the Basic and go all the way to drawing as a Pro
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Learn important drawing fundamentals
Draw realistic eyes
Draw realistic human facial features
Draw realistic human face
Draw realistic human figure in different gestures
Draw realistic dynamic human hair
Draw World-Famous animation character
Be able to draw anything you want

November 2020 Updates:

  • Uploaded more fresh new video lectures in 'Dynamic Hair Drawing'

  New helpful articles in several sections

  • New JPEG reference collections for your drawing references

Course Note:

No basic drawing skills required. I will teach you every step from the ground up.

This is NOT a drawing show/demo. This is a REAL course that will guide you in every step and level from a complete beginner to become a real professional artist, and you will not only learn to draw a particular object, but you will learn the #1 most important drawing skill, so at the end of this course, you will be able to draw anything you've always wanted to draw.

The lectures in this course are arranged level by level and correlated with each other. If you think you already master one of the lectures in this course, you can go to the next lecture. But make sure you've mastered it because if you don't, you will ruin the whole learning process.

Who Am I

I am a senior product designer in three different companies for the past six years. My expertise in the drawing field will help and guide you to draws like a pro. I've designed this course carefully to follow the most effective drawing learning process. You will find that this course is the most impactful drawing course you can find.


The future professional artist is waiting deep in you!. Start your drawing journey with our Master Bootcamp, and find yourself diving into the ocean of people's admires.

I made this course for everyone, from a complete beginner who wants to be a professional or a professional who wants to refresh their skill.

We don't talk too many theories here. We will practice on real papers. Make sure you have prepared a stack of papers with you.

Let's jump in!

Fundamental Drawing Practices:

    1.   Introduction

    2.  Three Important Stages to be a Drawing Master

    3.  Getting Familiar With the Hand Movements for Drawing

    4.  Understanding Three-Dimensional Forms

    5.  Add Shading to Your Drawing

    6.  Object Observation Fundamental

    7.  Draw With Proportions

    8.  Draw More Complex Objects

    9.  Perspective Implementation

    10.  Advanced Shading Based on Light Sources and Object Colors

    11.  Draw Complicated Patterns

    12.  Draw Complicated Textures


    1.  Human Figure Drawing

    2.  Human Hand Gestures Drawing

    3.  Human Face Drawing

    4.  Dynamic Hair Drawing

    5.  Draw Famous Animation Character

What else will you get from this lecture?

       Lifetime Access

       Weekly-Updated Course With Fresh Contents and Skill Sets

      Contact me personally for more guidance.

Now it's time for you to make your dream skill becomes reality. Let's do it!

2021 Ultimate Drawing Course. From Zero to Hero in Drawing
$ 94.99
per course
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