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2019 Calendar App: Let's Build It!

Build a real world web application using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.
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Build a real world web application
Use CSS media queries to make your pages responsive
Use Javascript to create & control the operations of an application

This entire course is one big code along, broken up into byte sized chunks.  I start by creating the markup and styling all the pieces.  The  I use JavaScript to add all the front-end functionality.  Then at the end I start using PHP and MySQL to connect to a database to make all of the changes made in the front end persistent, so that the app will remember how it was the last time you used it.

Keep in mind that there may be some technologies used in this course that you aren't used to using.  I use Flexbox, AJAX, MySQL, etc.  These technologies aren't aren't taught in this course, as that isn't the main objective, for me, these technologies are just a means to an end.

2019 Calendar App: Let's Build It!
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