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200 - 301 CCNA Let's learn IPv6 basics

Anatomy, Abbreviation, and Sub-netting IPv6
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Learn the fundamentals of IPv6

Mention IPv6 to even senior engineers and you may be surprised at the look of fear that suddenly emerges on their faces! From small companies, to giant international corporations, it is quite common that experienced network engineers still avoid using IPv6 for lack of basic knowledge and the false perception of how much more complex it is. Maybe that's why IPv4 remains so much in use and why many large data centers are still not  optimized for IPv6.

Well, in this mini-module we are going to learn the basics of IPv6 anatomy, abbreviation, and sub-netting; and you may be surprised to discover that in some ways it is easier to use than IPv4. Yes, really!

Of course, IPv6 addresses are larger than IPv4 addresses, and there are some special rules to follow. But I promise that after you complete this mini-module you will be able to continue learning the more complex features in IPv6 with confidence.

In this course we will cover:

  1. How to abbreviate an IPv6 address from its long form, down to a more compact form, so that we can save time and memory space.

  2. The anatomy of an IPv6 address. This will help us understand the structure and how IPv6 works.

  3. How to sub-net an IPv6 address.

As usual, this course includes free PDF handouts to help with your studying.

200 - 301 CCNA Let's learn IPv6 basics
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